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4309 Prairie Dr. Killeen ,Tx 76543
​254-289-0180 (cell)
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Mrs. Valerie's Huggable Daycare has been amazing. Leaving my child in a daycare for the first time, well, I didn't know who it would be harder for, myself or my baby girl. Valerie took my little girl in right away and made our family feel extremely welcome and part of her family. I love that I can look in, via video, at anytime and see what the kids are doing and experience what they are learning or playing. Huggable is not just playtime, the kids learn something new everyday and my child tells me what she has learned. I love that they go on field trips and a tumbling class/instructor comes to the daycare to give a tumble class, once a month. My husband and I know that this just isn't a daycare, this place is part of our family and a very important place to my child. Valerie treats every child the same yet each child is very special to her, in different ways. This place is and was a God sent and I look forward to my next child having awesome memories here. 

David, Misty & Addi Nobles 

Well as a parent of a 2yr old my focus was for someone who really can care for her when I'm at work and I don't have to worry about her I feel safe knowing that someone like Mrs. Valerie Huggable Daycare is there for me more daycare and providers need to come and learn from her cause my daughter love her .... Gray Family u are blessing !!!!!!
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My son has attended Huggable Daycare since July 2013, and he has definitely found a growing niche. Although the second of two boys, my three year-old is more or less raised as an only child, so placing him in this colorful environment teaches him social skills.

The daycare program, completely structured by Mrs. Valerie Allen, includes learning colors, shapes, textures, music, and even manners! The artwork the children create is something they are adamantly proud of, and my son is ever anxious to get back to his friends and the loving, wholesome ambience that is Huggable Daycare.

Mrs. Valerie thoroughly enjoys children and this is constantly evident in the nurturing manner in which she addresses each child in her care. Meals are nutritional and exuberantly enjoyed, and the lessons learned at daycare overflow into the home.

Huggable Daycare is literally a godsend! I feel so blessed to be able to take my child to such a knowledgeable and caring individual, who is both fair and affable. I wouldn’t wish to take my son anywhere else; this is his home away from home.

Melida V. Willox

(Mrs. Valerie: you can edit this how you see fit; I mean every word. Thank you for everything you do for Riley. He’s come so far, and loves your daycare. You deserve every bit of those four stars!)